A ten minute play about a young couple exploring role-playing to enhance their sex life.


The 42nd Street Workshop,
Summer One-Act Festival,
Film: Blatantly Subtle Productions,
Co-directed by Joe Leonard and the author

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fuckin WORK!

A ten minute play about two men who work a tedious, blue collar job.  One is looking forward to retirement, the other is a younger man trying to balance being a good father and husband and still be available to the demands of his job.

Howling Moon Cab Company,
The Brooklyn Plays

Brooklyn, NY

42nd Street Workshop,
Summer One-Act Festival

New York, NY


Harry is in the hospital and his care has now been entrusted to The Authorized Practitioner.  The Authorized Practitioner is a science-fiction, futuristic ten-minute play.

The Gallery Players
Brooklyn, NY

[To Come]


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