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Harry’s awoken to find himself in the hospital, strapped to a bed that has more in common with a medieval rack than any bed.  He's unable to move and has only bits and pieces of memories.  When his friend Bennett finds the existence of a large canister tucked behind his bed, a darkness descends on them both.  A darkness that gives way to a frightening world that Harry’s now become a part of.  Aided by a Being who lives in in the ceiling— Harry plans his next move— to escape his captors and reunite with his one, true love.   OLD WOUNDS is an absurdist dark comedy about aging, the blurring of fantasy and reality, love and loss, healthcare, and the memories that remain with us as we fade.

PlayLabs, Great Plains Theatre Conference
Omaha, Nebraska

Semi-finalist, Ashland New Plays Festival
Ashland, Oregon



God has been kind to Alfred Wells since the day He spoke to him in Central Park.  Asking for nothing but his love, God provided Al with everything a man could want; a beautiful wife, a loving son and a thriving shipping business.  Al, now nearing seventy, and God, (after being silent for many years), approaches him again.  This time, asking for something very different; his son as a burnt offering.  HE WHO LAUGHS is a modern-day retelling of the Binding of Isaac.  It is a seminal, human story that challenges faith and our concepts of right and wrong.  Can they really co-exist?

JCC Theatreworks (Workshop),
New Haven, Connecticut
Studio Retreat (Staged Reading)
The Lark, 
New York, NY

Citation: Jerry Kaufman Award,
The American Renaissance Theatre, 
New York, NY



Dreams, fate, chance, spirituality and hints of magic swirl together in this dark, cutting-edge comedy about being an artist in New York City.

World Premiere
Arkansas Rep, Little Rock, Arkansas

First Prize Winner: 
Kaufman & Hart Award for New American Comedy


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LENNY & LOU is a dark comedy about sex, sibling rivalry and perverse maternal love.

World Premiere, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Washington, D.C.
Nominated: Charles MacArthur Award for Best Play,
Helen Hayes Awards  

Nominated: Best Resident Play, 

Helen Hayes Award

Nominated: American Theatre Critics New Play Award

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New York Premiere, 29th Street Rep., New York, NY
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Finalist: HBO Comedy Festival, New York

Old Wounds
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