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Everybody's pal, Billy Ryan, a husband and father of three, has suffered a heart attack and is laid-up at Franklin General. This sets in motion events that threaten to realize Billy's worst nightmare; that his secret life of hookers, porn, booze and drugs will be revealed. He's sick. He's broke. He owes thousands. His wife hates him. His kids would too, but they have no idea who he is. While in the hospital, Billy's aided by the tough love of his Uncle Ray, and by the genuine care and concern of his young doctor, a devout Christian, Liz Kim. Once released, Billy might wish he was back in the hospital. He's in danger of losing everything; his wife, his kids, his job and maybe even his life for the pleasures to be found on Jefferson Street. JEFFERSON STREET is a darkly comic foray into the varied worlds of sex for hire, its effects on one man's life, his friends and family.

Developmental reading: 

The Lark

New York, NY

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VATTÁGO is the story of Matt Ross, an ordinary man who came home from work one day to find his wife, Carol, worshipping the demon, Vattágo. Since her excursion into the occult, Matt’s been experiencing nightmares of blood, fire, sex and death.  His attempts to persuade Carol to reject Vattágo, only distance her from him and strengthen her religious fervor.  Carol’s reawakening sexuality and her now fanatic devotion to Vattágo threatens Matt’s belief system and way of life.  What follows is a wild ride of sex, chaos and death.  Vattágo is a comedy.

Staged Reading:  undergroundzero/playgroundzero,
PS 122, 
New York, NY
Studio Retreat (Staged Reading)
The Lark, 
New York, NY
Winner: Jerry Kaufman Award,
The American Renaissance Theatre, 
New York, NY

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A young man comes of age in Luna Park; no longer a vibrant, legendary amusement park, but a housing project in Coney Island.  It's 1975.  It's hot.  It's miserable.  There's no hope of anything ever changing.  Luna Park sucks.  Coney Island sucks worse.  David, however, the eldest son in this family of four, is dumb enough to have a dream.  This is his story.

Staged reading, The WorkShop
New York, NY

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From the bedroom to the boardroom; upper-class, middle-class, lower-class, race, sexual preference and spiritualism collide as a handsome doctor, a hot Latina, a womanizing mailroom attendant and others crash and burn as they try to come to grips with their uncontrollable passions.

BareBones Production, The Lark, New York City,
Playwrights’ Week, The Lark, New York City
Semi-finalist: International Playwriting Contest, 

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